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Moms are often the glue that holds the family together. Moms also come in many forms, and wear many hats. We are always busy! We are glue that keeps things organized and the glue that sticks to a schedule to get things done. We need a place where options for ourselves and the kids come easy, affordable, and with variety.

Our philosophy is simple: Comfort, zero crowd, variety and quality come first. These are options for the home, the kids, and the hard-working moms, Aunt's, grandmothers, and so on. Our items will have your home welcoming all while you and your kids look great, feel good, and ready to explore!

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Mama to Boss'N Shop

Shop for Kids Accessories, Kid's clothing, Kid's learning tools, Household d├ęcor, Home essentials, Organizing products, office products, Pet supplies, Pet clothing, women's clothing, and so much more! Adding more variety to shopping & affordability for Moms & Mom Bosses!

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Proud mama

Summer 2023

mY sTORY......

My mommy story began at age 19. I had my first born baby girl while still attending college. I took college courses online to be able to still work a full time job and provide for her. I completed 2 years and her father and I had a baby boy 4 years later. I grew up in a loving home with my mother and father from Trinidad that grounded me in two different cultures, the American and West Indian. I had a lot of support. Although having my children at a young age, I grew to learn how to be a mother, provider, teacher, healer, counselor, and more. I always wanted more for them and myself, so I continued college to later become a nurse. Fast forward, their father and I separated and I later met my husband, whom we now share two new beautiful kids, baby girl and boy, Although an 11 year age difference with their siblings, and at my age now, 38 with a 4 year old and 1 year old, we are truly blessed. He also shares a beautiful 16 year old daughter in SC, from his previous relationship which folds us into our blended family.

While my husband is an entrepreneur, He taught me so many things and inspired me to become one. We started an entertainment business, to a car flipping business, to now a growing handyman service/project management company together all while working as a full-time Registered Nurse and mom. This led me to opening a mobile med spa....which is coming soon. I've even sold weight loss products and Avon for a few weeks, but it didn't really satisfy me because It wasn't my passion. My passion are my kids, me growing as an entrepreneurial mom, helping others, and showing other moms they can do it to! As an entrepreneurial mom or just a busy mom, we often neglect ourselves, our home, etc. This shop gives you the variety to not only shop for your home, but your office, yourself, your kids, and your pets. "Mama to Boss'N" is my first step in telling my story, connecting with other moms and parents like me to have affordable products and clothing for your household to brighten up your busy life!

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